The 2014 Australian Marine Debris Initiative Conference was held in Cairns from the 4th - 6th December. Tangaroa Blue crew members, volunteers, Indigenous Land & Sea Rangers, Government agencies and other partner organisations came together to network and review marine debris activities that had been taking place around the country during the year, and make a plan for 2015.

Partners were given the opportunity to present on the work that they are doing in relation to marine debris mitigation and how they are contributing to the bigger picture. A large part of the workshop was focused on Source Reduction Plans as a means of stopping debris from entering the marine system in the first place.

Figures show that most areas of the ocean contain marine debris. It is therefore imperative we continue to tackle this huge problem through strong partnerships and creative thinking that lead to practical strategies and solutions. We thank everyone for their time and efforts in attending the 2014 Australian Marine Debris Initiative Conference and look forward to continued collaboration long into the future.

Thanks goes to the Queensland Government's Friends of Parks grant, the QLD Gambling Community Benefit Fund and the Patagonia Tides Grant for funding that assisted in beach clean up events during the year, as well as assisting in the creation of Source Reduction Plans at this conference.

For more information visit www.tangaroablue.org

Greg Young