A new study undertaken with te ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) demonstrates the important role of citizen science in fostering reef stewardship. Learn more about the study from our ReefBlitz 2016 events in the summary write-up!

Key points from the research include:

• More than half of people attending a reef citizen science event at ReefBlitz 2016 indicated they would adopt a new behaviour to help reefs after the event (such as participation in citizen science and reducing plastic consumption).

• Findings suggest that it is critical that we make reef issues and solutions real for people, rather than just providing facts. Presenting event participants with facts alone actually made people less likely to take action for reefs.

• Key elements of the citizen science experience associated with positive behavioural intentions were: learning about actions to protect reefs and coasts (procedural learning), experiencing surprise, and experiencing negative emotions about environmental problems.

• The study highlights the valuable role of citizen science programs as a pathway to help more people look after Queensland’s reefs.

reef cit sci study pic.png
Greg Young