Our Structure

The Alliance is a collaborative network supported through the following structure:

Founding members

We have 10 founding member organisations, who have actively contributed to the development and evolution of the Alliance. We applaud their demonstrated dedication and commitment to citizen science. This network was founded and hosted by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, as a three year partnership with support from long-term corporate partner Boeing from 2014-2017. This initiative would not have been possible without their support. The Great Barrier Reef Foundation continue to support the role of citizen science as a critical pathway for constructively engaging the community in science and management.


Members are approved by the Steering Committee. Members have priority for workshops, activities and resources, although partner organisations may be invited to participate in some projects.


This initiative is hosted by Conservation Volunteers Australia, as part of the One Reef initiative.

Project Partners

Our members work with a huge network of partners across Queensland.


A volunteer Coordinator helps to help organise, strategise and support Reef Citizen Science Alliance member activities.